FisheriesApp Electronic Reporting for Fisheries

Cost effective and customizable electronic reporting platform for fisheries for customers looking to start with as little as one data entry form

The Fisheries App works on most smartphones and tablets allowing customers to use existing or new low-cost devices. Our aim is to keep costs low, so we don’t seek to sell you hardware and will work with you to recommend cost effective options that you can source.

The Fisheries App allows customers to efficiently get data into their smartphone, tablet, and computer. We enable touchscreen inputs to speed up data entry with the right choice of pulldown menu’s and other quick entry methods. Our systems are designed to work in areas with little or no wireless connectivity, allowing data to be entered at the time of harvest in remote locations and synchronized later.

Different levels of user access is available so that confidential information can remain the property of the harvester and aspects of it shared to third parties as required. We offer summary reports and management information screens and a full audit trail to satisfy regulators and keep high data integrity.

The Fisheries App is designed as a multi-language tool with the ability to integrate with other systems through exports of data or API integrations. Implementations allow different types of data to be integrated in a common dataset.

Our systems work with other electronic systems to produce rich datasets with matched enumerated data from the people involved. Data may be entered by harvesters, observers, enumerators, managers, processors, supply chain and beyond. The rich datasets produced can then be used to guarantee sustainability, improve operational efficiency and increase market value.

  • Customizable Core forms
    • Fisherman Sets (for self reporting)
    • Monitor Sets
    • Landings/Offloads
    • Biology Samples
  • Offline mode for smartphones when no internet connectivity present
  • Fishery, and Season/Opening/Period based configuration
    • Species
    • Gear
    • Vessel based fisheries
    • Weight, pieces
  • Allocation management
  • Storage and review of electronic monitoring/VMS data
  • Rights and roles based security (reader, manager, admin)
  • Multi-language support
  • Full activity logging and and auditing trail management
  • CSV data export
  • API for deep integrations and customized data export