Full Featured Operations Platform

Electronic reporting and management tools for large scale commercial fishing fleets

Our platform encompasses a broad set of capabilities from at-sea observers reports, to offload monitoring, science reports, quota summaries, fleet activity, catch submissions, audit trails, etc.

As with all IQMI products, constant improvements and high levels of product usability define our customer commitments.

IQMI’s full featured platform produces well structured, tested and dependable datasets to improve electronic reporting speed and accuracy, thus allowing industry to take a leadership role in directing their well managed and sustainable fisheries.

  • Improved harvest value to industry – data is used to prove sustainability credentials of produce and source
  • Improved production control – data is used to provide real-time feedback
  • More efficient operations – data is used to expose process gaps, or opportunities for improvement
  • Greater industry control over its future – data is used to construct a rich and compelling industry narrative
  • Enhanced compliance – data is submitted on behalf of harvesters or primary producers to a regulator
  • Enhanced transparency through immediate, online access to data