IQMI strives to improve the sustainable economic vitality of the communities and industries that we work with

We work with like minded organizations to find the best solution for Fishery Improvement Projects (FIPs) and work to make successful outcomes that benefit our customers and the communities they work in.

While we aim to make a positive return on our investment, we don’t believe that burdening our customers with unsustainable costs can make a positive outcome. We want to find the right combination of Electronic Reporting (ER) tools and services that genuinely help improve the economics for our customers, while not being unrealistic or unsustainable to ourselves.

IQMI is furthering its dialog with organic and fair trade organizations, primary producers to bring electronic reporting benefits to a broader community. By focusing on cost effective solutions that leverage proven best practices, we seek to empower communities and help create fundamentally sustainable improvements in the world.

We believe that information can be transformative both for economic viability and environmental sustainability, and we work to prove that model as often and as broadly as we can.