IQMI was founded in 2006 to help the fishing industry in British Columbia, Canada


By creating tools and services, we enabled fishermen to trade their quotas and report their catch. Through those relationships we saw that other tasks were burdening the fleets, artisanal and sports fishers.

We were sure that the fishing industry could benefit from practical and affordable electronic reporting tools and we set about developing solutions for each problem.

Those solutions allowed our various customers to focus their time on what they loved – fishing – while ensuring that they remained compliant with the terms of their regulated licenses.

Our tools sped up the flow of accurate data, helped the fisheries save operational costs and created the dataset to demonstrate the sustainable credentials of their industry.

Our customers also radically increased the amount of science and environmental data available and improved the management level information by which the fishery improves its practices and reputation.


IQMI has taken that deep understanding of practical, fisheries electronic reporting needs and launched our multi-language Fisheries App for smartphones.

This seeks to bring a basic set of fishery electronic reporting (ER) tools that can be quickly deployed in support of Fishery Improvement Projects (FIPs) worldwide, both as a quickly deployable pilot and a final scalable solution.

This innovation towards a low cost, quickly configurable electronic reporting tool is what fisheries and FIP advocates had been asking for, and was quickly taken by our partners into international FIP deployments where it has been very well received.


Our #1 priority, as we support more customers, remains maintaining the highest levels of customer satisfaction and finding where we can make the best positive impact to the communities and industries that we support.

Keeping costs low remains the key enabler to proliferating the benefits to the broadest range of communities.